What it is: An Acne lashing series packed with the Pro-Tone Facial Toner, Instant Acne Combat Serum, Pro-Acne Care Serum and Pro-Repair Cream

After thoughts: Anyone battling with acne will tell you that they have tried almost everything to get rid of it. Acne whether its pimples, blackheads or bumps are like red monsters that take over your face, expands when you touch it because you spread bacteria. As toning is an essential part of clearing pores, the Pro-Tone Facial Toner reduces/removes oil secretion and combats dead skin cells that cause acne. Like an acne-killer, the Instant Acne Combat Serum is applied directly on affected areas aimed to diminish spots. The Pro-Acne Care Serum is a heavy acne hitter that’s a bonus (essential) in combating problematic skin. The Pro-Repair Cream moisturizes your skin by getting rid of oil and acting as a protective barrier. Honestly this series is like a wolf pack of acne-warriors that protects and nourishes skin.

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