Skincare Myth Busters 101 

Lamarie says it’s not true!

Skincare myths huh…we are very aware that there are so many advises on skincare out there. Let’s be honest, at first glance some may be convincing but some are just down-right crazy! Once or twice we’ve all fallen for the extremes and there is absolutely no wrong in doing so – we all want that glowsome skin but at what costs? it is important to know the do’s and don’ts when coming to taking care of your skin and that means knowing what is a skincare myth and what is not. Ride along as we debunk these myths, bringing you better knowledge, for the benefit of your skin.

SKINCARE MYTH:“You don’t need sunscreen when it is not sunny”


FACT: UV still reached the surface of the earth, regardless of whether or not the sun is out. I know, I know, we all thought we were weather geniuses. It is good to get your skin some Vitamin D but that shouldn’t mean leaving your skin exposed. SPF up even on those not-so-sunny days.

SKINCARE MYTH: “Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised”

oily skin

FACT: Oily skin does need to be moisturised. Using suitable products for oily skin, cleanse and moisturise your face daily. There are products specifically designed not to “get rid of the oil” but to control the amount of oil produced. These are good for oily skin as they do not take away from the skin’s natural oils but only helps the skin produce the required amount of oils. Not moisturising your skin leaves it vulnerable – your skin is not protected and therefore may absorb toxins. Again, cleansing the skin and not moisturising may confuse it to produce more oils as it feels it is not moisturised enough.

SKINCARE MYTH: “If skin is not tight after cleansing, it is not clean enough”

FACT: At one point or another, even without being told by another person, this is a myth we’ve all told ourselves and actually believed. I’m here to tell you today that we were all wrong, all of us in this class of skincare. The skin feeling tight after a cleanse simply means it’s dehydrated and needs moisture. Haha, our entire lives have been a lie! Upon cleansing, your skin ought not feel any form of discomfort like stinging, itching or feeling taught. All these are a sign that you are doing something wrong.

SKINCARE MYTH: “If it stings, it’s working”

Marie dry skin

FACT: If it stings, it’s actually damaging. Your skincare regimen should not be a series of “ouches”. When the skin starts to sting upon washing, it’s time to go back to the drawing board – the product you are using is doing more harm than good. The skin stings to signal dehydration and often sensitivity. Products with high alcohol/ fragrance content normally cause this problem. Upon washing, the skin should feel rejuvenated, clean and most importantly, relaxed and not tight, dry or have a stinging sensation.

SKINCARE MYTH: “Skin ageing cannot be slowed down”

bio series

FACT: Yes it can! No, we are not saying you can remain 15 forever but, we are saying you can slow down the process. Ever heard of the term ‘collagen’? Well, there are skincare products which help in the formation/ reproduction of this beautiful hormone that ensures we are forever young. Before we start dancing in celebration, smoking, greasy foods, sugary drinks and extreme weathers can cause premature ageing.

Yes, I said it! As much as there are foods you can eat that sabotage the skin, there are foods you can eat to keep it younger and happier for longer. Eat fruit like citruses, mangoes, avocados, kiwi, plums etc to boost/ aid the production of collagen. Drinking healthy amounts of water ensures hydration, leaving the skin elastic as it is properly hydrated and moisturised from the inside-out. Incorporate the Lamarie Professional: Bio Series together with your healthy-skin diet and you will be debunking myths out there, helping others!

SKINCARE MYTH: “Drinking a lot of water means the skin won’t breakout”

Reasons why you want to eat fruit

FACT: What if you drink water and eat 7000 calories a week? Although drinking water is healthy (you should do it every day actually), it does not mean you are freed from break-outs. Some break-outs are not even in the least related to diet or what we drink but are rather hormone or stress-related. Next time someone tells you they only drink water for clear skin, sway the conversation to the direction of their diet and lifestyle choices as these also play a part. Also, if you ask for advise and you’re only told to drink water, take it a step further and change your diet – incorporate insane amounts of fruit and vegetables. Find out more about this on our piece titled “Reasons why you want to eat fruit”

SKINCARE MYTH: “Washing should suffice for clearing up skin”


FACT: Uhm actually…no. I mean washing is good, you should definitely wash your face daily – morning and night. This is not the end-all though, no. One mistake we make is thinking that skincare is not intertwined with anything, it’s just skincare. Diet, liquid intake, weather exposure, lifestyle choices e.g. smoking all play a part on either breaking or making your skin. It is important to follow your skincare regime i.e. cleanse, exfoliate, tone, add serum, moisturise etc, however, what you drink, eat etc will also determine the outcome. Cut down those sugary drinks and cancel that online take-away order because it does matter. Pour yourself a healthy glass of water, pick up a fruit or two once in a while and for crying out loud put away those ciggies! Washing alone will not yield the results desired.

SKINCARE MYTH: “Washing your face with hot water will open it up more for better clean”

hot water

FACT: Here’s a skincare myth I fell victim to. Haha who else fell victim for this one? So hot water actually does more harm than good. when using hot water, the skin swells up (giving off the impression that pores are more open) hence the “better clean” thought in our head. Now say this with me, PORES ARE NOT TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE. Use only lukewarm water when washing your face – cold water constricts/ closes up the pores while hot water not only makes your skin swell but it also takes away from the skin’s natural oils. Read “Daily Skincare Regimen For All Skin Types” to find out more.

SKINCARE MYTH: “There’s no such thing as washing your face too much”

FACT: I’m afraid to say there is, actually. Give yourself at max 5 MINUTES to do the washing. The skin, no matter how oily it may be, is a very sensitive organ. Washing your face excessively can easily destroy the skin instead of fixing it. when you do this, the skin may begin to lose its’s natural oils. This causes for it to start over-producing oil as it is compensating for the oil lost. the skin is made to think it has no moisture and then responds accordingly – produces more. Also, over-washing may lead to the destruction of the acid mantle – the protective layer of the skin. This means irritation and sensitivity for you! Next time you think of going in for over 10 minutes with that washing, think protection please.

SKINCARE MYTH: “You can never have too much moisturiser”


FACT: You can! “Too much of anything can make you sick.” The skin is a very sensitive organ and although it does need moisturiser, it can get too much. Using excessive moisturiser on the face can lead to it becoming lazy. By “lazy” we mean that the skin then tells itself that it has enough moisture and therefore does not need to produce its own. This in turn leads to it becoming drier and more dull.

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