Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive Skin


What is sensitive skin?

What is the best way to to treat sensitive skin?

How do I have sensitive skin?

What causes sensitive skin?

“Hello there high-maintainence skin”

How many times have you had itching or burning sensations, sometimes right after cleansing the face? Okay, how many times have you noticed tightness after cleansing? All these and more could be signs of sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin refers to skin that is overly dry or injured that can no longer protect nerve endings, leading to skin reactions. The epidermis is thin, with a fine texture and pores, making the skin vulnerable to external assaults.

Often confused with dry skin, sensitive skin is characterized by flaking, redness, rashes, swelling, scaling and roughness. It is accompanied by sensations of itching, burning, tightness and prickling. The skin flushes easily after one has had spicy foods or has been drinking alcohol. Remember that morning you thought it’s just another hangover?

“My oh my! How did we end up here?”

The utmost layer of the skin (epidermis) serves the purpose of protecting us from infections. It is a dead layer acting as a shield between these external factors like pathogens. It also locks in moisture. Dead as it may be, our friend here has needs to which one ought to adhere to – moisture, nutrients and vitamins etc. Here are some factors that lead to skin sensitivity:

• External factors

Nothing is as cool as getting a tan by the beach or the poolside, right? And, come to think of it Vitamin D from the sun is healthy, right? The answer is NO. Over-exposure to the sun can cause your skin to react so do minimize those tanning moments by the pool. But wait, it’s not only over-exposure to the sun but also to wind or excessive heat or cold.

Although cleansing the face is important, it is equally important that one avoids using very hot water when doing so. This dries up the skin even more by removing excess oil – leaving the skin without any moisture. One should also avoid using products with a high acid content.

• Health-related issues

Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema or contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis refers to inflammation of the skin as a result of irritation by or allergic reaction to an external agent.
Just when you thought you knew it all! Stress is counted among the factors contributing to skin-related problems, even sensitivity.

“So where do we go from here?”
Lamarie recommends:

Lamarie Professional Sensi-Series

Lamarie Professional Sensi-Series


Sensi-Clear Make up remover
Sensi-Cleanse Facial wash
Sensi-Tone Facial toner
Sensi-Repair serum
Sensi-Protect cream

The aim here is to hydrate you sensitive skin and not fight it, this is not mortal combat! Once the skin starts receiving the moisture, it naturally starts to tone down oil secretion to its normal level.

Sensi-Clear Make up remover

“Dear Mom, you were right about olive oil.”

Remember when your mom would always say “olive oil is best”? Well, we are here to tell you, she was right! The olive oil in the make-up remover smoothens out skin and helps protect it against UV light – thank you Vitamin E, Squalene and antioxidants. The cucumber extract juices are packed with proteins, lipids (oils) and Vitamin C – reducing puffiness and swelling.

Sensi-Cleanse Facial Wash

Sensitive skin requires a gentle facial wash to ensure that nutrients are locked in and the skin is kept moisturized. The Sensi-Cleanse Facial Wash does exactly that and more! The facial wash also has peppermint oil which calms the skin, preventing acne and excess oil secretion. The Sweet Almond Oil on the other dislodges dirt and reduces eye-bags – bye-bye shades!

Sensi-Tone Facial Toner

“The holy grail”

Specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, the Sensi-Tone Facial Toner has a more natural pH which means that it decreases skin sensitivity. The urea in the toner ensures that skin moisture is maintained and soften, reducing flakiness, scales and irritation.

Sensi-Repair serum

“There’s a genie in the bottle!”

The active ingredients in the serum include caffeine which contains anti-aging qualities, reduce and prevent inflammation and redness, leaving the skin evenly-toned. The serum assists the skin to hold 1000 times more its weight in water! Hmm, now where have I seen this again? Oh yes, nowhere but Lamarie. Let us not forget the holy grail of skin care, urea. I have a genie!

Sensi-Protect cream

“Send out the guards!”

As the name suggests, the Sensi-Protect cream is designed to deeply nourish and protect your skin against dryness. The cream contains algae and seaweed – this means extraordinary water-binding qualities, leading to its super hydrating powers. It has calming effects and is an effective anti-inflammatory, fighting bacteria without causing any sensitivity. Someone say knight in circular armor?

Trying to deal with sensitive skin could be a mind-boggling experience and now with Lamarie Professional Sensi-Series, you do not have to go through it alone. For maximum effects, use the Sensi-Series twice daily (morning and night) and say goodbye to that high-maintenance skin. You’re welcome!

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