What it is: A sensitive skin series comprising of a Make Up Remover, a Facial Wash, a Facial Toner, a Serum and a Cream.

After thoughts: Whether your skin stings, burns, itches or reddens as a reaction from the environment or from using a variety of skin-care products, sensitivity is a confusing term. The Sensi-Series is crammed with the Sensi-Clear Make-Up Remover, the Sensi-Cleanse Facial Wash, the Sensi-Tone Facial Toner, the Sensi-Repair Serum and the Sensi-Protect Cream. The Sensi-Clear Make-Up Remover is beautiful, clear and blue un-shaken and looks confusing when shaken. It gets the job done as it gets rid of all kinds of make-up without harming the skin as the rest of the sensi-series.

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