Reasons why you want to eat fruit

Fruit For The Glow

Did you know? The skin is able to tell stories about our diets. Just as there are foods we eat for weight-loss, there are foods we can eat to give our skin the natural, healthy glow it needs…most importantly, the glow WE WANT. “You are what you eat”. How many of us have heard this meaningful yet utterly confusing statement? How can one be what they eat? Fortunately for us the statement is figurative. What this simply means is that what you put in your body, your body gives back. Even more confused? Okay let’s put it this way, food has vitamins, minerals, fatty acids etc. When you ingest a certain type of food etc. the components that make up the food, become a part of you, in various ways. Example, when one eats citrus fruits, their body takes in a lot of Vitamin C hence, you are what you eat.

If you want that healthy glow, you can never go wrong with fruit. We are not saying cease using facial products, we’re saying take your skincare routine a step further and take care of your skin from the inside-out. Incorporating a lot of fruits in your diet gives you the following benefits:

  • Sun protection & anti-aging
  • Smooth & soft skin
  • Healthy complexion & skin renewal
  • Acne & wrinkle-free skin
  • Hydration/ moisture
Fruits to love?

Fruits, generally, are always a healthier option, however, some fruits are skincare powerhouses. Here are some of the fruits you definitely want to incorporate:

Citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, moringa, naartjie & lemon)

Reasons why you want to eat fruit

Packed with Vitamin C & minerals, citrus fruits protect against skin damage from UV light and aids in the healing process of the skin. The fruit stimulate collagen production. This means that the skin is continuously renewed, with wrinkles reduced and the overall texture of the skin left smooth. Lemons, specifically, even out the skin’s tone, reduces blemishes and acne marks. They deep clean the skin by breaking down clogging of the pores when used as a facial wash. Citruses are a good source of hydration as well so you know what that means, right?  Bye-bye dry skin!

Berries (strawberries, kiwi, plum, raspberries, cranberries, goji berries etc.)

Reasons why you want to eat fruit

Berries are full of skin-clearing antioxidants and fibre. The latter is specifically important for detoxifying the skin. This detoxifying quality in berries leaves your skin free of toxins. Berries also have anti-ageing effects on the skin, slowing down the process of aging naturally.

Sidenote: I have found that the consumption of plums aids in a healthy, ‘gold-ish’ complexion…yup, I’m talking about the glow!


Reasons why you want to eat fruit

Great source of Vitamin E, avocado boosts skin’s vitality and luminosity. The Vitamin E blocks free radicals from damaging our skin and speeding the aging process. Avocados do not only stop there but they also help in the reduction of skin inflammation and like citruses, stimulate the production of collagen – thanks to the Vitamin C found in this fruit. Half an avocado pear incorporated with breakfast and lunch every day is the least one can do to give their skin that glow. Also, avocados aid in moisturising the skin. Whether used a mask or ingested, you can never go wrong with avo.


Reasons why you want to eat fruit

For the longest time we’ve debated on whether it is a fruit or a vegetable, here however, that is of least importance as we are dealing with skin and not necessarily concerned with classifying foods. With that said, we are of the opinion that tomato is a fruit. Tomato is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps protect skin from environmental agents that can contribute to clogged pores and also breakouts. Tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin C, which aids in the firming of the skin by assisting in the production of collagen.

Papaya/ Paw-paw

Reasons why you want to eat fruit

The amazing papaya, like the fore-mentioned fruits, has multiple benefits on the skin. First and foremost, the fruit relieves inflammation which is a common source of skin conditions. Papaya also has healing qualities. The fruit removes blemishes and acne and if it’s aging skin you were worried about, worry no more. Papain enzyme present in the fruit reduces wrinkles and modulates/ strengthens the production of collagen. Somebody say elasticity! But that’s not all, papaya/ paw-paw helps exfoliate, hydrate and repair the skin.


Reasons why you want to eat fruit

The famous pineapple is not only known in skincare but in other spheres as well to be one of the best natural remedies – be it with colds, hair problems etc. It even has a hairstyle named after it! Pineapple is packed with Vitamin A, which helps the skin against inflammation. The fruit contains the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain. Pineapples are also stacked with Vitamin C which is amazing in the healing process of your skin. Let’s not forget that the fruit is loaded with anti-oxidants which can only mean one thing, slowed-down aging process!

“And Now For The Honorary Member…”


Reasons why you want to eat fruit

Is there anything water can’t do? I mean seriously, even skincare?! Water keeps the body’s overall health in check by detoxifying, hydrating, aiding blood circulation, curing constipation and…yes you guessed it, keeping the skin youthful and healthy. Water improves the skin’s elasticity and replenishes the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated thus keeping a balance between water and oil in the body. When the skin is dry, it is defenseless against toxins, free radicals and harsh environments. The ageing process then speeds up. When the skin is hydrated, it is made more elastic, preventing premature wrinkles and therefore slowing down the process of ageing. Water also reduces blemishes and keeps the skin supple.

Next time you think of going for that red velvet cake instead of the plum, or a fizzy drink instead of a glass of water, think about the health of your skin.  Many people are unsuccessful in following routines because they want immediate results and they see is as just a routine, however, this is not so. Once you start viewing skincare as a lifestyle rather than a routine, you tend to have a positive outlook and understand that it is something you ought to do every day to keep the skin looking healthy. Eat that fruit and drink that water, glow-getter.

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