Sensi-Repair Serum 10 ml x 3


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Sensi-Repair Serum 10 ml x 3. Sensi-Repair is ideal for sensitive skin. This formula containing extracts of Kava, Horse Chestnut, Licorice, Caffeine and Urea gently removes traces of dirt, oil buildup and makeup whilst combatting dryness. Use this gentle serum to freshen the skin and naturally lock in moisture.
As the third step in moisturizing, the Sensi-Repair Serum nourishes sensitive skin. The active ingredients reduce skin sensitivity and the sensitivity of redness. Extract the serum on your fingers and dab gently on your face before applying the cream.

It Features:
• Plant Complex and Urea
• Rich in horse chestnut, reduces skin sensitivity and the sensitivity of redness
• Suitable for sensitive Skin


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