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What are the main symptoms of dry skin?

What is the best way to treat dry skin?

Why is my skin still dry? I moisturize every day!


“Scaly Potter much?”

Ever stood in front of the mirror frustrated by what you see, wondering what your skin is trying to tell you? Dry skin is characterized by a flaky, scaly, rough texture which tends to be accompanied by itchiness. It is sometimes referred to as sensitive skin as it fails to retain moisture – easily breaks out in rashes, gets blotchy red, burns or stings.

The frequent change of facial products is not your BFF – avoid it, unless of course you were going for the scaly potter look. When washing your face, avoid using a cleanser with alcohol or fragrances and sodium lauryl sulphate as these dry out the skin even more. Talk about enemy of progress, right? Also, avoid harsh scrubs, loofas and washcloths. Opt for a gentle cleanser instead.

Wash gently & then rinse with warm water, not hot or cold but warm. Hot water removes natural oils from your face faster while cold water constricts the pores. Wash the face once in the morning (rinsing only with water to refresh) and once at night.

After moisturizing, your skin may still feel dry. What could be the reason? Instead of a moisturizer, you’d much rather opt for a cream as they’re rich in texture and locks in more moisture. Avoid being Scaly Potter; exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of flaky skin.

Lamarie recommends

There are a number of recommendations depending on one’s skin type and age-group as follows:

Lamarie Professional Bio- Series + Hydra- Care Capsules (Morning and Evening)

Bio- cleanse Facial Wash, Bio- Toner Facial toner, Bio- Restore serum, Bio- Care Q10 cream, Bio- Moist cream

Lamarie Professional: Bio- series

Bio- Cleanse Facial wash

Somebody say all-in-one?

The Bio- Cleanse Facial wash is packed with vitamins and oils that are formulated to dissolve oils produced by the skin, fight bacterial fungi , protect the skin surface and create a hydrated and clearer skin, all this without causing any allergies. Do you know what the best part is? The jojoba found in the face wash also helps with make-up as well!

Bio- Toner Facial toner

A dab of the toner a day, will keep the flake away!

Why use a toner? A toner removes excess dirt and oils, and traces of makeup left after cleansing. Apart from this, a toner opens up the pores to assist the serum and cream to penetrate the skin with ease. Our facial toner is complete with acids and vitamins designed to create a soft and glowing appearance.  The Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice from the Aloe plant enhances the appearance of dry, damaged skin, reduces flaking and restores skin suppleness. The toner removes oily build-up and traces of dirt or make-up; it opens up the pores to allow for easier penetration of cream and/ or serum into the skin.

Bio- Restore Serum

“All that glows is gold.”

Yes, you heard me right! Our Bio- Restore Serum consists of gold foil which aids with inflammation (the cause of acne). Complete with a set of unique bioactive ingredients, the serum helps to calm the skin, protect and lock-in moisture. It refreshes the skin’s surface and helps maintain a natural glow. By applying a generous amount on the skin evenly, in the morning and evening, you too can be a certified glow-getter.

Bio-Care Q10 Cream (Age groups 20 – early 30’s)

“Hi there young and restless, won’t you give your skin rest?”

Please show me anyone, male or female, in their youth years, that enjoy their dry skin. Yup, nobody! This unique formula contains Coenzyme Q10, Sodium Hyaluronate and Myoxinol. The Myoxinol contains proteins especially for skin that lacks texture and elasticity. The Sodium Hyaluronate known as the “Hydration miracle” and a sister ingredient to Hyaluronic acid, holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. The collagen in the cream is added to maintain elasticity, moisture balance, smooth the skin, prevent wrinkle formation and has immediate anti-aging qualities…basically, it also keeps you looking younger for longer.

Bio- Moist Cream (late 30’s and older)

“You’re maturing, but who says your skin needs to tell the story?”

Like the Bio- Care Q10 Cream, the Bio- Moist Cream is formulated to combat dryness and lack of radiance. The cream is made of Ceramides, Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) and Hydrolyzed Silk. Combined, the ingredients coat the skin, maintain the skin’s elasticity and balance your skin’s moisture, preventing wrinkle formation and ensuring that your skin is kept hydrated.

The Hydrolyzed Silk acts as a protective barrier which binds and repairs the skin while the Tocopheryl Acetate ensures easy penetration into the skin. The cream is specially formulated for a more matured skin, slowing down the process of aging and combating wrinkles.

Lamarie Professional: Hydra- care Capsules

Hydra- Care Capsules

Lamarie Professional: Hydra- care Capsules

No, no and no. These are not your doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter capsules. Our Hydra-Care Capsules are packed with multiple essential plant oil extracts like; Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Q10 Coenzyme (Ubiquinone), Sweet Almond Oil and Marula Oil. The capsules are designed to nourish the skin, prevent further acne, help with the appearance of aging and properly hydrate the skin. The Tocopheryl Acetate in the capsules aids the oil to penetrate the skin with ease, properly moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

See? There is no need to worry your head about that dry skin, let Lamarie do the worrying for you. Be skin-confident.

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