Combination Skin

Oily, Dry and Sensitive Skin

Combination Skin

  • What does it mean to have combination skin?
  • How do I know that I have combination skin?
  • My skin is sometimes oily and then at other times dry. what could this mean and how can I prevent it?
  • What can I do about oily-dry-skin combination?
  • How can I fix an uneven skin tone?
“Pick a side already!”

How frustrating is it when a person shows you different sides every time you have an encounter with them? Like err okay so do I hug you today or do I keep a straight face? You just don’t know how to approach them, right? Much like your skin when it’s oily today and dry tomorrow, oh the struggle! You’d sometimes feel like asking it to pick a side already, right? If this is happening to you, there is a high chance that you have combination skin.

This type of skin is characterized by an oily T-zone area. It is your forehead, nose and chin area that is oily. It’s called the T-zone because it resembles the capital letter ‘T’ when one traces across their forehead, going down their nasal bridge. The area outside of the T-zone is rather dry and flaky. Combination skin can be a combination of oily and dry skin and at other times, sensitive skin as well. Basically, it’s an “all in one” type of skin.

You might spot some fine lines and wrinkles, shininess and large/ clogged pores around the nose, chin and forehead area. The cheeks tend to be flaky, dull and may be prone to irritation. Now that’s a nightmare! And as if that is not frustrating enough, one may experience an uneven skintone. Come Summer, your skin is oily and when Winter comes, it’s the complete opposite.

“Who/ what exactly is to be blamed?”

Combination skin can be due to a few causes but for the most part, it is more genetics than anything else e.g. unfavourable weather conditions and pollutants in the environment. The subaceaous gland is more active around your T-zone than it is around the areas outside of it. This makes the nose, forehead and cheek ares more prone to acne.  Luckily there are ways to deal with this two-faced monster though (the irony!).

As big a mission it may seem, taking care of your combination skin is not that hard. It is important that you avoid harsh cleansers (sulfates, alcohol) and soap take away from your skin’s natural oils – causing your T-zone to make-up for the loss and produce excess oil. The areas outside on the other hand get even drier and more dull. You’d also rather opt for fragrance-free products. The skin outside your T-zone is prone to irritation due to the dryness. To tackle the T-zone area, you’d want to avoid products that are petroleum-based a  they clog your pores – leading to even more acne. We don’t want that.

Lamarie recommends:

Because your combination skin is characterized by a combination of qualities, Lamarie customizes its series’ to specially suit you! We recommend two series; the Sensi-Series and the Pro-Series to combat both the oiliness and the dry/ sensitiveness.



Sensi-Clear Make up Remover
“Double-edged sword mode on!”

Both oil-based and non-waterproof make-up is perfectly removed by this entriguing charmer here. The uper layer (watery and cloudy when shaken) contains unique ingredients assisting in make-up removal whilst the blue layer keeps your skin beautifully moisturized after every wash. See? It really is a double-edged sword, right?

Sensi-Cleanse Facial Wash
“Fresher forever”

The facial wash has a strong and better moisturizing ability, preventing dryness and acting as a protective film on the outer surface of the skin. The Peppermint Oil in the wash calms down your skin, releasing you from the worries of sensitivity/ irritation. Plus, the face wash also reduces eye-bags. Say hello fresh face!

Sensi-Tone Facial Toner

Your combination skin may be prone to sensitivity but we still need those pores open so we can address the deeper issues. The Sensi-Tone Facial Toner’s pH is more natural, this means that it does not mess with your skin’s pH balance and therefore decreases skin sensitivity. Finally! Now you can tone your skin without the stress of having it itch or peel afterwards.

Pro-Acne Care Serum
“Dynamites come in…”

Remember the saying about dynamites coming in small pachages? This little guy right here is the exact definition of that. The Pro-Acne Care Serum contains an ingredient called EvermatTM. This helps the skin reduce its oil secretion on the surface of the skin and reduces shine. All of this results in a matte appearance. The serum is anti-bacterial agent against acne, can fade fine lines, blemishes and restores the skin’s elasticity. It also tackles those enlarged pores. It really is a dynamite I tell you.

Pro-Repair Cream
“If you love it, repair it!”

The cream is specially formulated for the dry and sensitives skin combination. It suppresses the subaceaus glands, lessesning the production of excess oils in targeted areas which means decreased acne. The cream fights scarring, reduces and prevents inflammation and gives you an even skin tone.

Stop your worry! With Lamarie, there is a solution for every skin problem. No skin problem is ever too big – even combination skin. Oh before I forget, it is important that you exfoliate at least twice a week with a warm cloth. This takes care of the flaking and breaks down oils.


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