Aging Skin, Age Spots & Wrinkles

Aging Skin

  • What type of skin is aging skin?
  • Does stress contribute to aging skin?
  • Why is my skin thinning?
  • What are age spots?
  • Why is my skin thin and papery?
  • What causes age spots?
  • When should I start using anti-aging creams?
  • What is the best way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles?

Like sands through the hour-glass, so are the days of our skin?

“Travelling fast into the future!”

I’m not saying that I am not a fan of growing old in years but I am just not sure if I like it when my skin does the same – especially when I am not ready. I have a strong feeling I am not alone so I suggest that we tackle this aging skin problem head-on, shall we? Aging skin is characterised by the skin beginning to slack. This is due to the skin losing its elastic tissue, leaving the skin to hang loosely. Furthermore, the skin becomes more transparent because the upper layer becomes more and more thin. This of course will on its own come with further problems – the skin becomes more fragile as it flattens, which means easy bruising because of the thinning blood vessels. Finally, one might also note that their skin has a bit of a more rough texture than before and let us not forget those age spots, dryness and itching. What a catastrophe!

Age spots, often referred to as liver spots are small dark areas on the skin. They usually appear on areas most exposed to the sun; the face, hands, shoulders and arms and, they vary in size. These tiny tan friends of ours are very common in adults over the age of 50, however, younger people can get them too if they spend a significant time in the sun. Don’t get too carried away on that beach, Sally!

“Tick-tok, tick-tok. So says your skin?” – Breaking the myth

Is it really only time that causes aging skin? Nope, there are numerous other factors at play here too. Skin age depends on a variety of factors and just because one has not yet crossed the 50 mark does not mean that they are safe from aging skin. One’s lifestyle, their diet and heredity also count. Oh great! So now I have to throw away my extra-large, double cheese with extra bacon pizza. Those cigarettes are not helping, Alex. The sun is a good source of Vitamin D but you also know that too much of anything can make you sick, right? Over-exposure to the sun is a player as well in this game of skins and so is pollution (unfortunately sometimes you do not have control of the latter). Finally stress, daily movement, obesity and sleep positions are contributors to aging skin.

 “Oh if there was a way to escape it!’

Don’t go spending more of your nights stressing about your aging skin problem. Have you forgotten? Stress is another contributor! Lamarie has the perfect escape plan to suit all your aging skin’s needs.

Lamarie recommends: Lamarie Professional Bio-Series

Lamarie Professional: Bio-Series

Bio-Cleanse Facial Wash

“Jack of all trades, Master of…all!”

Not only is it a face wash but also an effective make-up remover, I’m talking all kinds of make-up. It also has healing qualities on the skin. We have the Witch Hazel ingredient to thank for that. The ingredient is not only a good acne treatment but it also cleans the skin and assists in the healing thereof. Very helpful since aging skin loses some of its healing qualities. This doctor in a bottle gives you a thorough yet very gentle and cleanse which leaves your skin feeling gorgeously refreshed. The satisfaction of knowing that you are not only cleansing but healing your skin is sensational!

Bio-Toner Facial Toner

“Toning back the time”

Remember our little elasticity problem? Our little helper right here knows exactly how to take care of it. Skin consists of what is known as collagen, the agent that keeps the skin elastic and not slack. The Bio-Toner facial Toner has collagen added, which means that it assists on keeping the skin’s elasticity. It enhances the appearance of damaged skin, reduces flakes and restores your skin’s suppleness. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and tone back the time.

Bio-Restore Serum

“Goldie locks with a twist”

Don’t worry this little miracle here did not come to steal anything but that aging skin and all its troubles. The gold foil in the serum increases cell-metabolism. This means that your cells are assisted to reproduce and heal themselves faster. The serum is a magnet for moisture; it locks in water thanks to the “hydration miracle” or Sodium Hyaluronate and algae extracts in it. Your skin is left moisturised – meaning it’s bye-bye to dryness and inflammation too.

Bio-Care Q10 Cream (Age 20 – early 30’s)

“Won’t we freeze the time a little, shall we?”

It is a proven fact that aging skin can happen to anyone regardless of their age but wait, Lamarie can take care of that for you. Let us freeze the time for you a little with the Bio-Care Q10 Cream – a natural face-lift guru that arrests the ageing process, reduces wrinkles naturally and creates a muscle-relaxing effect too. The cream contains proteins for skin that lacks elasticity and texture. Collagen added in the cream maintains elasticity and the Q10 protects and repairs damaged skin cells. Get your skin frozen in time!

Bio-Moist Cream (late 30’s and older)

“You deserve to be like wine – finer with age.”

Our Bio-Moist Cream restores that radiance you lost to aging skin. There is silk protein in the cream protects, repairs and binds the skin plus, it leaves you with incredible silkiness and absolute smoothness. Ever heard the saying “fine as wine”? Our Bio-Moist Cream gives you exactly that, because maturing does not have to be a burden. Furthermore the collagen added in the cream has immediate anti-aging effects, keeping you fine with age.

Hydra-Care Capsules

“Ministry of moisture affairs”

Packed with essential plant oils, the main function of these little helpers is to protect and repair your skin, give and lock in moisture and dissolves sebum (excessive oils produced by the skin). These moisture pumps are rich in nutrients, nourishing and hydrating your skin. To the skin they are like silk when applying, easily absorbing into the skin giving you a silky feel with no shine or grease. Say bye-bye to that aging skin dryness with these little moisture soldiers.

In conclusion, because we don’t choose our skin type, Lamarie affords you the opportunity to tell your skin how to act, as you mature. Choose Lamarie’s Bio-Series and rest easy, knowing that your aging skin problems are taken care of.

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