Daily Skincare Regimen For All Skin Types

A step-by-step look at what we’ve been doing wrong and how to correct it.

Before we get into the daily skincare regimen, let us first look at the different stages of daily skincare and the importance thereof:

  • Make-up Removal – this is the removal of make-up, with the use of a suitable make-up remover.
  • Cleansing – the cleaning of the face using a cleanser suitable for your skin type. This is the removing of dirt on the skin prior toning and moisturizing.
  • Exfoliating – your skin renews itself over night, leaving dead skin. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin, in turn helping with pigmentation, discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Toning – helps with the removal of excess dirt and make-up that still remains on the skin and underneath. Toning helps open up one’s pores, allowing for easy absorption of serum and cream/ moisturizer into the skin.
  • Serum – serums boost your skin’s hydration and keep it youthful by delivering active ingredients needed by the skin to thrive.
  • Capsules – packed with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, predominantly oils.

Morning Routine & Night Routine

Step 1: Removing Make-up

Daily Skincare Regimen

The first and perhaps most overlooked step in daily skincare regimen is make-up removal. Yes! Even after a hectic night out, going to bed with make-up on is a no-no for your skin. Ensure that you remove your make-up before you catch that goodnight’s rest and your skin will thank you. This of course, should be done using the appropriate make-up remover. Unfortunately, a majority of us is under the impression that all make-up removers work for your skin.

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Step 2: Cleansing

Daily Skin Regimen

This is the step in our daily skincare regimen where we all love to go crazy, roughing up our faces with scrubs and face cloths – that “it’s not clean enough” voice busy whispering at the back of our minds. Cleansing your face, however, should not be an exercise that leaves your face defenseless – dry, tight, itchy etc. If this is the feeling you get, stop because you are doing it all wrong. Although the whole point of cleansing the face is to remove accumulated dirt, one still needs to be gentle to avoid irritating the skin.

Caution: Use a gentle cleanser, one suitable for your skin type.

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Step 3: Toning

Daily Skincare Regimen

Done upon drying the face. this step is often skipped because most of us say we don not see the effects thereof. Incorporating a toner in your daily skincare regimen, no matter how invisible one may think the effects to be, is actually one of the best things to do for your skin. Dab the toner, and with a cotton pad gently move around your face in upward circular motions. This ensures that excess dirt and make-up is removed.

Another equally important, if not more important function of a toner is its ability of a toner is its ability to soften the outermost layer of dead keratinocytes (epidermal layer which produces keratin), creating gaps in between cells and therefore allowing for easy absorption of the following products in the regimen. they then reach the stratum spinosum where they are most active. Oh and how can we forget the fact that it improves tone, giving it that even look.

Caution: Most toners can be quite harsh for the skin due to the fragrance or alcohol content. it is therefore important that you use a toner that is suitable for your skin type.

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Step 4: Serum

Daily Skincare Regimen

Most of us don’t incorporate serums in our daily skincare regimen for two reasons’ it’s either we do not know about serums or we do not know how they work and therefore we think we don’t really need them. These are known as food for the skin. Serums are a rich emulsion of nutrients the skin needs. Use after toning the face. Just as there are different moisturisers and cleansers for different skin types, so is the case with serums. Trust me, you want to incorporate these in your daily skincare regimen.

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Step 5: Capsule

Upon toning (in the place of serum and cream application). Capsules work as leave-on day/ night mask. they are richly concentrated in several anti-aging and hydrating ingredients that provide instant improvement in dull and dry skin. These tiny dynamites make for the best “get up and go” as they are easy to apply and don’t require much effort. Happy are some of us who are lazy!

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Daily Skincare Regimen

Hydra-Care Capsules

Lamarie Professional Hydra-Care Capsules suitable for all skin types except oily/ acne-prone skin.

Step 6: Moisturising

Daily Skincare Regimen

And finally, after applying serum, comes the moisturising. This is the part where you help hydrate the skin and seal in the applied serum to prevent it from evaporating from the skin – for greater effect. Most often, people oily skin tend to skip this step, simply because they feel their skin has enough moisture already. This is understandable, however, there are moisturising products specifically formulated for such skin.

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The daily skincare regimen is to be followed twice daily, meaning in the morning and before bedtime and it can be followed by both men and women. Oh and here’s a fun fact, incorporate a lot of water in your daily skincare regimen, you’ll thank me later. We shall cover this issue of water one of these good days. Happy cleansing!

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