Be skin-confident

Lamarie is an exciting cosmetics brand specialising in quality skin care products for men and women


Lamarie Cosmetics is an exciting and innovative cosmetics company that brings you unequalled skincare products for the needs of both men and women across all spectrums. The idea to make quality skincare products available to a broader market was conceptualised in Taiwan at a time when skincare technology was still in the developmental stages. Our quest took us to the US where we continuously strive to refine each product scientifically and in an extraordinary way.

Eastern technique meets Western innovation and now echoed in salons in South Africa, Lamarie Cosmetics brings to you unmatched skincare products inspired by nature to take care of all your skin’s needs. To grow into a luxurious cosmetics brand, Lamarie caters for all different skin tones and celebrates the essence of nature, leaving you feeling confident– every step of the way!

Salon, beauty school or individual retailer? Not only is Lamarie an online shop but, we also afford you the opportunity to become a stockist of our uniquely formulated skincare range.

Lamarie supplies and offers inhouse product training to beauty salons, beauty schools and individual retailers. Furthermore we have salons where clients are attended to by versatile therapists with absolute professionalism. Join our skin-confident movement and give yourself and your clients confident skin.


The Absolute-series tackles acne, redness and uneven skin by means of detoxification

The Sensi-Series explores sensitive skin that might sting, burn, itch, peel, feel bumpy or get red as a reaction from certain hazardous elements.

The Pro-series analyses dead skin build up, formation of clumps that trap acne, bacteria and oil beneath the skin.

The Bio-series nourishes saggy and wrinkled skin and attempts to slow down the aging process by creating a good, basic skin care routine.


Introducing Lamarie Professionals!

After years of searching and testing various ingredients to perfect and produce quality skin care products, Lamarie Professionals is proud to introduce the skin-confident regime, for every woman and for all skin types.



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